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‎Between 1383 and 1388;

John Drayton was recorded as "Captain of Guînes"

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man Huoching of Alemannia‏‎ 1) 2)

Notes: Huoching's father is probably the Allemanian Duke, Gottfriend. Nonetheless, there are significant doubts with respect to that link: including a difficult chronology, and an odd ordering of names in a the listing of Reichenau benefactors in the Reichenau confraternity book where the name Huoching does not appear with Gottfried's other sons.

Married/ Related

woman Unknown‏‎


man Hnabi of Alemannia, Count of Alemannia‏ 3) 2)
Born ‎between 690 and 700‎ 3)
Died ‎before 9 Aug 773‎ 3)

Notes: Or Nebi.


1) Source: The Henry Project One relatively contemporary source identifies Huoching as father of Hnabi. While there are doubts, on the balance of probabilities this is likely correct.. External Link
https://fasg.org/projects/henryproject/data/huoch000.htm. Reference: Huoching (Unreliable evidence or estimated data)
2) Source: Vita Hludovici Imperatoris "...nomine Hildigardam, quae erat de cognatione Gotefridi ducis Alamannorum. Gotefridus dux genuit Huochingum, Huochingus genuit Nebi; Nebe genuit Immam; Imma vero genuit Hiltigardam beatissimam reginam. Postquam autem eam supradictus imperator in matrimonium assumpsit, genuit ex ea tres filios, quorum unus vocabatur nomine patris sui Karolus, alter vero Pippinus, qui erat rex super Italiam, tertius vero vocabatur Hludowicus, qui erat rex super Aquitaniam.". Reference: 2 (Data from secondary evidence)
3) Source: The Henry Project . External Link
https://fasg.org/projects/henryproject/data/nebi0000.htm. Reference: Nebi (Hnabi) (Questionable reliability of evidence)