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‎Between 1755 and 1776 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England;

Thomas Pike was recorded as "Woolstapler"

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NameBorn/ BaptisedDied/ Buried
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man Berkeley, Roger de & Unknown* ‎± 1105* Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England† ‎after 1197† Dursley, Gloucestershire, England
man Berkeley, Thomas de & Joan de Somery* ‎± 1170† ‎1243
man Berkeley, Thomas de, 1st Baron Berkeley X Joan de Ferrers* ‎± 1251† ‎± Aug 1321
man Berkeley, Thomas de, 3rd Baron Berkeley X Margaret Mortimer* ‎± 1297† ‎27 Oct 1361
man Berkeley, William de & Unknown* ‎after 1090† ‎before 1142
woman Bertram, Ada & Simon de Vere
woman Bertram, Isabel & Philip Darcy† ‎1281† Nocton, Lincolnshire, England
man Bertram, Roger † ‎1310
man Bertram, Roger & Unknown
woman BesalĂș, Constance of & Ermengol II of Urgell, Count of Urgell
woman Besford, Agnes X Thomas Throckmorton† ‎after 1428
man Besford, Alexander & Joan Unknown
man Besford, Alexander X Beatrice Unknown† ‎± 1400
woman Beziers, Adelaide de & Raymond I Trencavel, Viscount of Agde and BĂ©ziers
woman Beziers, Adelaide de & William IV of Forcalquier, Count of Forcalquier
man Bigod, Hugh, 1st Earl of Norfolk & Juliana de Vere* ‎± 1095† ‎± 1177
man Bigod, Hugh, 3rd Earl of Norfolk & Maud Marshall, Countess of Norfolk and Warenne* ‎± 1182† ‎1225
woman Bigod, Isabel 1st & Gilbert de Lacy, 2nd & John FitzGeoffrey, Lord of Shere and Justiciar of Ireland* ‎± 1212† ‎1250
woman Bigod, Maud & William d'Aubigny
man Bigod, Roger, 1st Earl of Norfolk & Adeliza de Tony† ‎9 Sep 1107
man Bigod, Roger, 2nd Earl of Norfolk X Ida de Tony
man Bigorre, Bernard II of & N.N.
man Bigorre, Bernard-Roger of, Count of Bigorre & N.N.* ‎± 962† ‎± 1034
woman Bigorre, Clemencia of & Ermengol III of Urgell, Count of Urgell
woman Bigorre, Ermesinda of & Ramiro I of Aragon, King of Aragon* ‎1015† ‎1 Dec 1049
woman Billung, Oda of & Liudolf of Saxony, Count/Duke of East Saxony* ‎± 806† ‎± 17 May 913
woman Billung, Swanhild of 1st & Ekkehard I of Meissen, Margrave of Meissen, 2nd & Thietmar of Meissen, Margrave of Meissen† ‎26 Nov 1014
woman Birmingham, Elizabeth de & Thomas de la Roche
woman Birmingham, Eve de, Lady of Offaly & Gerald FitzMaurice, 1st Lord of Offaly† ‎between Jun 1223 and Dec 1226
man Birmingham, John de & N.N.