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King Edward I
King Henry I
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‎1468 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England;

Philip Meade was recorded as "Mayor"

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Welcome to The Skliar-Ward Family Tree; an attempt at creating a reliable, sourced genealogy database covering ancestors of the Skliar-Ward family. Consequently this database also covers the ancestry of Edward I of England and multiple other medieval lineages. It includes a combination of original research from primary and secondary records, fully-referenced biographies, and reviews of the available evidence where a conclusion cannot be reached. The content and database are works in progress and always evolving.

There are currently pages for approximately 3,000 ancestors (and 3,400 individuals). As a general principle, details of children of more recent ancestors have sometimes been included, however they are unsourced.

To view a list of surnames or use the detailed people search visit The Tree.

Contributions, additions, corrections and suggestions are always welcome. As are any and all questions, though I cannot promise a response. Please contact me by E-mail

Finally, as a warning, do not assume everything is correct and please do make your own assessments of the reliability and accuracy of cited sources!

Ben Skliar-Ward