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‎Before Oct 1378;

John Russell was recorded as "Knight"

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NameBorn/ BaptisedDied/ Buried
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woman Bellême, Adelise de & Rotrou I of Châteaudun, Viscount of Châteaudun
woman Bellême, Hildeburge de X Hamon of Château-du-Loire, Lord of Château-du-Loire† ‎27 Oct 1024
woman Bellême, Mabel de & Roger de Montgomery, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury† ‎2 Dec 1079
man Bellême, Robert de, 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury & Agnes of Ponthieu, Countess of Ponthieu† ‎after 1130
man Bellême, William de, Princeps, Lord of Bellême & Maud Unknown* ‎between 960 and 965† ‎1028
man Bellême, William I Talvas de, Lord of Alencon & Hildeburg Unknown† ‎± 1062
man Bellême, Yves I de, Lord of Bellême & Godehilde Unknown† ‎after 1005
man Benauges, Amanieu de & N.N.
woman Benauges, Vitapoy de & William V of Angoulême, Count of Angoulême
woman Benevento, Gaitelgrima of & Guaimar III of Salerno, Prince of Salerno† ‎after 1027
man Benevento, Landulf I of, Prince of Benevento, Prince of Capua & Gemma of Naples† ‎10 Apr 943
man Benevento, Landulf II of, Prince of Benevento, Prince of Capua & Yvantia Unknown† ‎961
man Benevento, Landulf III of, Prince of Benevento, Prince of Capua & N.N.† ‎between 968 and 969
man Benevento, Pandulf II of, Prince of Benevento, Prince of Capua & N.N.† ‎Aug 1014
woman Bere, Joan de la & Robert Russell
man Bere, John de la & Agnes Turberville* ‎± 1300† ‎1366
man Bere, Kinard, Knight de la X Katherine Unknown† ‎22 Jun 1402† Pilleth, Radnorshire, Wales
man Bere, Kynard de la & Joan Barre
man Bere, Richard de la 1st & Unknown, 2nd & Sibyl Chabbenor
man Bere, Richard de la & Joan West
woman Bere, Sibyl de la & Thomas Crophull, Lord of Hemington* ‎19 May 1338* Weobley, Herefordshire, England† ‎before Nov 1381
woman Berkeley, Alice de X Maurice FitzRobert† ‎after 1190
woman Berkeley, Anne X William Denys, Knight† ‎after Jan 1533
man Berkeley, James, 1st Baron Berkeley X Isabel Mowbray* ‎± 1394† ‎22 Oct 1463
man Berkeley, James de & Elizabeth Bluet† ‎13 Jun 1405
man Berkeley, Maurice, 3rd Baron Mowbray X Isabel Meade* ‎between 1434 and 1435† ‎Sep 1506
man Berkeley, Maurice de, Lord of Berkeley & Isabel FitzRoy* ‎1218† ‎± Apr 1281
man Berkeley, Maurice de, 2nd Baron Berkeley & Eva la Zouche* ‎± 1281† ‎± Feb 1326/27
man Berkeley, Maurice de, 4th Baron Berkeley X Elizabeth le Despenser* ‎± 1330† ‎8 Jun 1368
man Berkeley, Roger de X Helen FitzRobert* ‎± 1127* Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England† ‎1191