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‎1468 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England;

Philip Meade was recorded as "Mayor"

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man Overbury, Albert * ‎1869* Hoxton, Middlesex, England† ‎1951
man Overbury, Albert Lee X Mary Ann Coppen* ‎12 Sep 1834* Clapham, Surrey, England† ‎7 Dec 1898† 73 Salisbury Road, Croydon, Surrey, England
man Overbury, Algernon Percy * ‎1883* Chatham, Kent, England† ‎1970
woman Overbury, Ann
man Overbury, Anthony * ‎1767† ‎1831
man Overbury, Anthony * ‎17 Feb 1811
man Overbury, Benjamin * ‎1772† ‎1817
woman Overbury, Dorothy Gwendoline * ‎5 Sep 1905* Croydon, Surrey, England† ‎1988
man Overbury, Edward * ‎5 Nov 1812
woman Overbury, Elizabeth Ann ) ( William Ward* ‎5 Apr 1934* Sittingbourne, Kent, England
man Overbury, Eric Bertram X Lilian Ann Ball* ‎14 Apr 1904* Croydon, Surrey, England† ‎9 Mar 1969† Croydon, Surrey, England
man Overbury, Ernest Edward * ‎1878* Chatham, Kent, England† ‎1953
man Overbury, Francis Howard * ‎30 Apr 1901* Croydon, Surrey, England† ‎1982
woman Overbury, Hannah
woman Overbury, Hannah * ‎1760
woman Overbury, Helen Elizabeth * ‎14 May 1817† ‎11 May 1873
man Overbury, Herbert * ‎1870* Swanscombe, Kent, England
woman Overbury, Janet Frances X Donald Parr* ‎between Jan and Mar 1939* Lambeth, Surrey, England
man Overbury, John * ‎1704* Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
man Overbury, John
man Overbury, John X Ann Hewett* ‎24 Dec 1673* Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England† ‎± Sep 1726† Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
man Overbury, John 1st X Mary Ann Lee, 2nd X Elizabeth Jane Croome* ‎12 Apr 1807* Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England† ‎26 Apr 1866† Marylebone, Middlesex, England
man Overbury, John Everest * ‎± 1868* London, England
man Overbury, Joseph * ‎1777† ‎1778
man Overbury, Joseph * ‎29 Sep 1808
man Overbury, Joseph X Elizabeth Pike* ‎± 1780* Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England† ‎7 Oct 1844† Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
woman Overbury, Margaret * ‎1770† ‎1817
woman Overbury, Margaret * ‎1768† ‎1769
woman Overbury, Maria Louisa * ‎± 1820† ‎Jan 1858† Springwell House, Clapham, Surrey, England
woman Overbury, Mary

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