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Ivan Kornelovich Skliar was recorded as "Junior Officer (Ensign) - White Russian army: taken prisoner of war by Bolsheviks *Romanian GPU"."

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man Charles II 'the Bald' of France, King of Neustria, Emperor, King of the Western Franks, King of Western Lorraine, King of Italy‏‎ 1) 2) 3)
Born ‎13 Jun 823 Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany‎ 1) 4)
Died ‎6 Oct 877‎, 54 years 1)

Married ‎14 Dec 842 Quierzy, Aisne, Picardie, France 1) 5) 6) (26 years married)

woman Ermentrude of Orleans‏‎ 5)
Born ‎27 Sep‎ 5)
Died ‎6 Oct 869‎ 5)


woman Judith of France‏ 7) 2)
Born ‎± 844‎ 7)
Died ‎after 870‎ 7)

Notes: Earlier marriages include to Æthelbald of Wessex.
man Louis II 'the Stammerer' of France, King of Aquitaine, King of Neustria, King of France‏ 8) 3)
Born ‎± 1 Nov 846‎ 8)
Died ‎10 Apr 879 Compiègne,France‎, approximately 32 years 8)


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3) Source: Genealogia comitum Bulonensium A short genealogy connecting the early Merovingians to the later counts of Boulogne, written circa the 11th century. The earliest generations are almost certainly fictional. Considered a reliable secondary source for generations from Arnulf of Metz onwards. Considered a "primary" source for events from the year 1000 onwards.. External Link
https://www.dmgh.de/mgh_ss_9/index.htm#page/300/ (Data from secondary evidence)
4) Source: Carolingian Chronicles: Royal Frankish Annals and Nithard's Histories "823... in the meantime Queen Irmengardis, their mother, died, and a short time later Emperor Louis married Judith, who gave birth to Charles.". Reference: Nithard's Histories (Data from secondary evidence)
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https://fasg.org/projects/henryproject/data/ermen103.htm. Reference: Ermentrude
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