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‎Between 1034 and 1040;

Duncan I of Scotland was recorded as "King of Scotland"

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man Richard I 'the Fearless' of Normandy, Leader of the Normans of Rouen‏‎ 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)
Born ‎after 926‎ 1)
Died ‎21 Nov 996 Fécamp, Seine-Maritime, Haute-Normandie, France‎, at most 70 years 1) 5)

Married/ Related

woman Gunnora Unknown‏‎ 6) 3) 4)
Died ‎Jan 1031 6)


woman Hawise of Normandy‏
Died ‎21 Feb 1033/34
man Richard II of Normandy, Duke of Normandy‏ 7) 3) 4) 8) 9)
Died ‎23 Aug 1026 Fécamp, Seine-Maritime, Haute-Normandie, France 10) 8)

2nd marriage/ relation
man Richard I 'the Fearless' of Normandy, Leader of the Normans of Rouen‏‎ 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

Married/ Related

woman Illegitimate‏‎


woman Beatrice of Normandy‏
Died ‎18 Jan 1034/35
man Geoffrey of Brionne, Count of Eu, Count of Brionne‏
Born ‎962
Died ‎± 1010‎, approximately 48 years

Notes: Geoffrey of Brionne (962 - 1015), also called Godfrey was Count of Eu and Brionne in the late tenth and early eleventh centuries.

Orderic Vitalis identifies Geoffrey as a half brother of Robert II and therefore, a son of Richard I.
man William I of Eu, Count of Eu‏
Born ‎978
Died ‎after 1057‎, at least 79 years


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