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King Edward I
King Henry I
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Godfrey of Lotharingia was recorded as "Count of Jülich"

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No. of families2147
Most children13
No. of individuals4663


man Conrad of Burgundy, King of Burgundy‏‎ 1)
Born ‎± 925
Died ‎19 Oct 993‎, approximately 68 years 2)

Married/ Related

woman Matilda of France‏‎ 1)
Born ‎± 943
Died ‎27 Jan 991/92‎, approximately 48 years


woman Bertha of Burgundy‏ 3)
Born ‎between 952 and 967
Died ‎between 1010 and 1035‎
woman Gerberga of Burgundy‏
Born ‎965/66
Died ‎7 Jul 1018‎, approximately 53 years


1) Source: Herman of Reichenau Chronicle "Henry, the son of the emperor, was elected king by all the princes, while he was still a boy". Reference: 1028 (Data from secondary evidence)
2) Source: Les Félins de Brunswick: Henri le Lion, duc de Saxe, et ses fils: l'empereur Otton IV, le comte palatin Henri (XIIe et XIIIe siècles) A family tree for the early House of Welf, claiming to only show known facts.. Reference: Page 259 (Questionable reliability of evidence)
3) Source: Herman of Reichenau Chronicle "Rudolf, the indolent petty king of Burgundy, died [son of Conrad and Matilda]... Odo, the son of the sister of the same Rudolf, a prince of Champagne in France, invaded the kingdom of Burgundy". Reference: 1032 (Data from secondary evidence)