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Ivo de Aldeburgh was recorded as "Sheriff of Rutland"

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NameBorn/ BaptisedDied/ Buried
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woman Bond, Jane * ‎1736* Hartland, Devon, England
woman Bond, Jane * ‎1731* Hartland, Devon, England† ‎before 1736† Hartland, Devon, England
woman Bond, Mary * ‎1740* Hartland, Devon, England
man Bond, Thomas * ‎1763* Hartland, Devon, England
man Bond, Thomas X Grace Witheridge
woman Bookles, Marion & Alexander Richardson
woman Boteler, Ankaret & John le Strange
woman Botetourt, Ada & John de Saint Philibert† ‎after 1343
man Botetourt, John X Maud FitzThomas† ‎25 Nov 1324
woman Botetourt, Maud & Reynold de Grey, Lord of Wilton
man Botetourt, Thomas & Joan de Somery† ‎± 1321
man Botiler, Theobald Walter le & Maud le Vavasour
man Botiller, Theobald, 2nd Chief Butler of Ireland le 1st & Joan du Marais, 2nd X Roesia Verdun* ‎before 1201† ‎19 Jul 1230
man Bouchard, Bartholomew de l'Isle & N.N.
woman Bouchard, Dangerose de l'Isle & Aimery I of Châtellerault, Viscount of Châtellerault* ‎1079† ‎1151
man Boulogne, Adalolf of, Count of Boulogne & N.N.† ‎13 Nov 933
man Boulogne, Arnulf II of, Count of Boulogne & N.N.† ‎971
man Boulogne, Arnulf III of, Count & N.N.† ‎990
man Boulogne, Baldwin II of, Count of Boulogne & Adelina of Holland† ‎± 1027
man Boulogne, Eustace I of, Count of Boulogne & Matilda of Louvain† ‎1049
man Boulogne, Eustace II of, Count of Boulogne & Ita of Lorraine* ‎between 1015 and 1020† ‎1087
man Boulogne, Eustace III of, Count of Boulogne & Mary of Scotland* ‎before 1060† ‎± 1125
woman Boulogne, Gerberga of & Frederick of Lower Lorraine, Duke of Lower Lorraine† ‎± 1049
woman Boulogne, Marie de, Countess of Boulogne & Matthew of Alsace, Count of Boulogne* ‎1136† ‎25 Jul 1182
woman Boulogne, Matilda of, Countess of Boulogne & Stephen de Blois, King of England, Earl of Morton* ‎± 1105† ‎3 May 1152
woman Boulogne, Rohese of & Richard de Lucy, High Sheriff of Essex, Chief Justiciar of England
man Bourges, Hugh of, Count of Bourges & N.N.
woman Bourges, Richilde of & Theobald of Tours, Viscount of Tours
man Boussac, Baderon of la & N.N.
man Boussac, Caradoc of la & N.N.