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‎14 Aug 1378;

Thomas de Aylesbury was recorded as "Knight"

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NameBorn/ BaptisedDied/ Buried
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man Aquitaine, Ebalus Manzer of, Duke of Aquitaine & Emilienne Unknown* ‎± 870† ‎935
woman Aquitaine, Eleanor of X Henry II of England, King of England, Count of Anjou, Duke of Normandy* ‎± 1122† ‎1 Apr 1204
man Aquitaine, Pepin I of * ‎797† ‎13 Dec 838
woman Aquitaine, Petronilla of & Ramon Berenguer IV of Barcelona, Count of Barcelona* ‎between 29 Jun and 11 Aug 1136† ‎15 Oct 1173
man Aquitaine, Ranulf I of & Bilichild of Maine* ‎± 820† ‎866
man Aquitaine, Ranulf II of, Duke of Aquitaine & N.N.
man Aquitaine, William III of, Duke of Aquitaine & Adele of Normandy* ‎915† ‎3 Apr 963
man Aquitaine, William IV of, Duke of Aquitaine & Emma de Blois* ‎937† ‎3 Feb 993/94
man Aquitaine, William IX of, Duke of Aquitaine & Philippa of Toulouse, Countess of Toulouse* ‎22 Oct 1071† ‎10 Feb 1125/26
man Aquitaine, William V of, Duke of Aquitaine & Agnes of Burgundy* ‎969† ‎31 Jan 1029/30
man Aquitaine, William VIII of, Duke of Aquitaine & Hildegarde of Burgundy* ‎± 1025† ‎25 Sep 1086
man Aquitaine, William X of, Duke of Aquitaine & Aenor of Châtellerault* ‎1099† ‎9 Apr 1137
man Aragon, Alfonso II of, King of Aragon, Count of Barcelona & Sancha of Castile* ‎between 1 and 25 Mar 1157† ‎25 Apr 1196
woman Aragon, Andregoto Galíndez of & García Sánchez I of Pamplona, King of Pamplona
man Aragon, Aznar Galíndez I of, Count of Aragon & Unknown† ‎839
man Aragon, Aznar Galíndez II of, Count of Aragon & Oneca of Pamplona† ‎893
man Aragon, Galindo Aznárez I of, Count of Aragon & Unknown† ‎867
man Aragon, Galindo Aznárez II of, Count of Aragon 1st & Sancha Garcés of Pamplona, 2nd & Acibella Garcés of Fézensac† ‎922
man Aragon, Ramiro I of, King of Aragon & Ermesinda of Bigorre* ‎1007† ‎8 May 1063
man Aragon, Ramiro II of, King of Aragon & Agnes of Aquitaine* ‎24 Apr 1086† ‎16 Aug 1157
man Aragon, Sancho Ramírez of, King of Aragon & Felicia de Roucy* ‎± 1042† ‎4 Jun 1094
woman Aragon, Tota Galíndez of & Bernard I of Ribagorza, Count of Ribagorza
woman Archard alias Hayes, Elizabeth X George White* ‎± 1698* Crudwell, Wiltshire, England† ‎± Mar 1729/30† Hankerton, Wiltshire, England
man Archard Alias Hayes, John & Mary Unknown† ‎± 1672
man Archard alias Hayes, John & Mary Unknown† ‎Feb 1674/75† Crudwell, Wiltshire, England
man Archard alias Hayes, John & Catharine Unknown* ‎± 1668* Crudwell, Wiltshire, England† ‎12 Oct 1732† Crudwell, Wiltshire, England
man Archiac, Maynard de & N.N.
woman Archiac, Petronille de & Geoffrey of Angoulême, Count of Angoulême
man Ardern, John, Knight & Ellen Wastneys
woman Ardern, Katherine X John Burdet, Knight