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King Edward I
King Henry I
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‎1841 Eyemouth, Berwickshire, Scotland;

William Maltman was recorded as "Fisherman"

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No. of families1946
Most children13
No. of individuals3691


woman Ankaret Boteler‏‎ 1)

Married/ Related

man John le Strange‏‎ 1)

Notes: Of Blakemere.


man John le Strange‏ 1)

Notes: Of Blakemere.


1) Source: Chancery: Inquisitions Post Mortem, Series I, Richard II "Elizabeth, late the wife of Thomas (Mowbray), earl of Nottingham, daughter and heir of John Lestraunge of Blakemere (Blake Mere), knight...Elizabeth died on 23 August last. Ankaretta daughter of the said John Lestraunge of Blakemere, knight, whom Richard Talbot, knight, has taken to wife, is aunt and kinswoman of the said Elizabeth, and her next heir, to wit, sister of the said John son of John Lestraunge. The said Ankaretta is 22 years of age and more... son of John Straunge of Blakemere and Ankaret his wife, a fourth sister of the said Edward...Boteler"Dated: 1383. External Link. Reference: C 136/32/18 (Data from direct source)